Global Aircraft Records Scanning Service

 Global Aircraft Records Scanning Service

Advance of an aircraft repossession protect the asset with full aircraft
    records scanning – we provide a worldwide scanning service

With scanned aircraft records you will have smoother ongoing management of records

Faster and smooth lease transitions, allowing all scanned records to be available.
     Make the process easier for all parties – lessor, current lessee and next lessee.

Easy access on any computer either on-line or via internal intranet system
- Web
- Network
- Printing
- Email
- Network wide access
- Hard copy CD/DVD & Blu-ray


    - Colour
    - Black & white document scanning
    - Aircraft Records Indexing
    - OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
    - Bar-code reading

Reduce business-operating costs

support regulatory compliance
Enhance customer service
Improve employee productivity
Back-up systems / Fire, natural disasters etc.
Elimination of additional storage costs
Protection from liability of documents being misplaced, lost or destroyed

We have the ability and the equipment to scan your aircraft records onsite. We can scan,staple, unbind rebind and process; index typically up to 50,000 aircraft records per day as a standard scanning project.

How many aircraft records do you have?

Your typical record's box contains 2000 to 3000 pages. We can scan OCR/Index and repackage 1500 pages per hour typically.

We will

- Establish the contents of each box
- Extract, Sort, Verify quality
- Scan using high quality commercial scanners
  specifically designed and developed for
  high volume and accurate scanning.200.300.400.600 dpi +
- Carry out recognition process
- Index
- Burned to CD.DVD, Network, Cloud share etc

What about a document management system to view my scanned records?

The simple answer is No; if you wish for the files to be a simple storage format with simple indexing options then your scanned aircraft records can be stored on USB,CD,DVD or web based servers etc. This maybe an option for older aircraft where the aircraft data does not need to be accessed regularly.

We can however supply a aircraft records document management program that allows search options, retrials indexing and OCR abilities. This option maybe the preferred solution for newer aircraft tor leased aircraft and aircraft that the data maybe required to be searchable more often.

How many box's of aircraft records do I have?
A banker’s box measure 10″ x 12″ x 15″ and will hold approximately 14″ to 16' of aircraft records. Each "Banker box" contains between 2000 to 3000 pieces of paper

Can we maintain normal office activities while you scan the aircraft records?
Yes, we will make the transition seamless as possible and we will not disrupt normal operations of the aircraft technical records or engineering departments. We will create a work break down structure for the project so that everyone involved will be aware of the scanning timeline.

Will you need to supply hardware or software?
No, we supply all scanning equipment, personnel and software indexing management software.
Depending on the delivery options of the data you may require, web access computers, CD-ROM/DVD drives, USB ports. Don't worry we will discuss all this with you during the initial consultation to be sure you can access the final delivered data.

What about "Cloud: storage? Do you offer it?
Yes, we do offer cloud storage via many options including "Amazon Storage Services" as one option.

What types of formats do you save the scanned aircraft records into?
PDF, or PDF Searchable Text, JPEG, TIFF and many other formats

What areas do you serve for aircraft records scanning projects?

How will my scans be indexed?

We can index in any manner you wish, the simplest options and most cost effective option is one field indexing, however we can use as many fields for indexing as required including complete OCR options.

What yrpe of aicraft records will you scan?

Dont worry we scan everyting you require including the the following aircraft records paper assets:

  • Check Work-packs
  • Log Books
  • Airworthiness Directives
  • Back to Birth/Dirty fingerprint Records
  • Certification and documentation
  • Shop Visit Documents
  • Engine shop records / Engine overhaul records / Engine disk records
  • Overhaul Records
  • Modifications / STC Documents
  • Flight logs/Tech logs
  • Airworthiness Directive status and dirty finger prints
  • Service Bulletin status and dirty finger prints
  • Landing gear overhaul records
  • APU overhaul records
  • Life limited parts - Form one's & 8130 certificates
  • Damage and repair reports.
  • C of C
  • C of A
  • Photo's

Do you offer additonal security against loss or damage?
Yes, we can retain copies of all scanned aircraft records in a approved deposit vaults.
If in the event aircraft records are damaged or missing or stolen , we will be able to supply a backup of your data if required.

Why would that be important?
Because of human error,it can and it will happen. How?

  • Important Documents Can Be Thrown Away
  • Records Stained/ Damaged
  • Normal Wear & Tear
  • Documents Can Be Stolen

Records can also be effected by the enoirment also

  • Fire
  • Tornado/ Cyclone
  • Flood
Document Scanning / Imaging Service Includes:

    Scanning each page including duplex page printing
    Each page scanned and returned to the original document order as provided
    Page sizes can be either 8 ½ x 11 or 8 ½ x 14
    Digital image files are produced in black and white, TIFF or PDF image format
    Digital files are produced in either single page or multi-page file format
    Digital file / folder name is labeled with a single description of up to 30 characters
    Image files are returned on CD-ROM media
    Minimum volume is 3,000 pages; lower volumes subject to $100 minimum charge

Other Services Available:

    Document page preparation including removal of staples, paper clips; pages oriented (starting at 1¢ per page)
    OCR processing for searchable PDF files (starting at 1.5¢ per page)
    Multiple file folder indexing for each file (starting at 10¢ per index)
    Post-scan document stapling and re-assembly (starting at 2¢ per page)
    Shipping, document destruction – contact us for pricing

Now on staff  Master of Library Science for indexing and archiving of aircraft records and aircraft records scanning projects Do it right

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