Audit & Inspections

EnvelopeAPM Inc. offers complete audits and inspections via subsidiary company Global aviation audits

Quality standard for the aerospace industry for which we practice.

ISO 9001-2008
AS 9100
AS 9110 & AS 9120

Regulatory Compliance Audit:
  Internal Evaluation Programs
  Voluntary Disclosure Programs
  Compliance Documentation
  Source Traceability Programs
  EU-OPS Audit
  Part M Audit
  Part 145 Audit

    Airworthiness Audits:
      Quality Inspections  Corrective Action Reporting
      Follow-up / Closure Reporting
      Management Evaluation Reports.

    Quality Management:
      QMS Audits
      Quality Manuals
      Audit Techniques
      Reporting and Recording
      Quality System Functions

    Safety Audits:
      Standardized, independent and objective
      Investigation and Analysis of the carrier's organization, procedures and practices
      IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA)

    General Audits:

      Routine Airline Audits
      Third-party Maintenance Facilities
      Aircraft Inspection, to ensure compliance with lease agreements

    Aircraft Specific Audits:

    End of lease / Delivery / Redelivery / Audit (Technical/Maintenance Records)
      Documentations specialist / Records management & audits

    Standards based on internationally recognized benchmarks (ICAO, ASA, AA,FAA,CASA,CAA,).

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