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Technical Representative (Aircraft Leasing Inductions/&Returns) Must have legal right to work in Canada.

Technical Representative (Aircraft Leasing Inductions/&Returns)

Minimum Qualifications
Previous experience working in related aircraft records, engineering
documentation, leased and / or sold aircraft delivery or returns,
and direct working experience with both leasing companies and third
party maintenance facilities.

Perform aircraft lease technical duties and record related audits
on aircraft, as well as, facilitate lessor
requested aircraft record and aircraft visual inspections. Perform
remote technical representation as required to facilitate all
material, documentation.

How to Apply

Resumes must present all information relevant to the requested
qualifications.Resume must be in PDF format with the file name of applicant_resume.

By e-mail:  employment@envelopeapm.com

We have the following contracted positions available. Email employment@envelopeapm.com

Contracted positions Tech Rep's / Wide-body end of lease return

- Understand and define the redelivery condition of the aircraft
- Ensuring compliance with contractual return conditions
- Ensuring on time redelivery

Contracted positions Technical Records / Aircraft Auditors
Canada/South East Asia/Scandinavia

- Aircraft technical and maintenance records audit
- Aircraft records review and evaluation
- Aircraft delivery, acceptance and transition management
- Audit and compliance reporting Engine, APU and landing gears and its life limited parts (LLP’s)
- Return off Lease Appraisals

Desktop Audit (Worldwide)
MRO software/M&E System Auditor
- Investigation and Analysis of the operators M&E software.

South East Asia
MRO Software Implementation & Maintenance Program Specialist
- Set up and development of maintenance tracking system.

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Candidates seeking employment within the below specialist fields of the Aviation Industry can submit their CV directly to employment@envelopeapm.com

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Employers If you're looking to recruit within the below specialist fields of the Aviation Industry you can email a job spec directly to the employment@envelopeapm.com

EnvelopeAPM Inc. provides aviation staffing within the following fields:

Aircraft Records

Aircraft Technical Records
Aircraft Maintenance Records
Aircraft Maintenance Records Manager
Aircraft Records Analyst
Aircraft Maintenance Analyst
QA Analyst Maintenance Records
Aircraft Technical Records Clerk
Aircraft Maintenance Records Clerk
Aircraft Technical Records Auditor

MRO Software Users:

MRO Software Manager

MRO Software Controller
MRO Software Consultant
MRO Software Data Entry
MRO Maintenance / Planner
MRO Software Project Manager
MRO Software Reliability Engineer
MRO Software Data System Analyst
MRO Software Database Analyst

Aviation Projects:

Aviation/Aerospace Project Coordinator -
Aviation/Aerospace Project Manager - Software Projects
Aviation/Aerospace Junior Project Manager
Aviation/Aerospace Project Planning Manager
Aviation/Aerospace Project Assistant
Aviation/Aerospace Engineering service project manager
Aviation/Aerospace Project Analyst
Aviation/Aerospace Project Director
Aviation/Aerospace Project & Program Management
Aviation/Aerospace Mechanical Project Engineer
Aviation/Aerospace Project Management Operations
Aviation/Aerospace Project Engineer-Development & Policy
Aviation/Aerospace QA Project Lead
Aviation/Aerospace Project Controls Specialist
Aviation/Aerospace Project Controls Manager
Aviation/Aerospace Project Document Control Coordinator
Aviation/Aerospace Senior Project Controls Specialist
Aviation/Aerospace Team Leader-Project Management